ALTIVIA, headquartered in Houston, TX is an experienced manufacturer and distributor of chemicals primarily for Water Treatment.
Ferric Sulfate Fe2SO43
Ferrous Sulfate FeS04
Aluminum Chlorohydrate ACH


Press Release

ALTIVIA Petrochemicals today completed the acquisition of the Haverhill Chemical assets, which produce Phenol, Acetone, Alpha-Methylstyrene (AMS) and BisPhenol-A (BPA).

ALTIVIA, 25 years of chemical production primarily for municipal and industrial water treatment, oil field drilling and production operations and pulp & paper production.

Product lines include Ferric and Ferrous Sulfate, Ferric and Ferrous Chloride and Aluminum Chlorohydrate (ACH) as well as Specialty Blends
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1100 Louisiana St. Suite 4800 Houston, TX 77002
(713) 658-9000 or Toll Free: 866-ALTIVIA