We are different.


Chemistry doesn’t only exist in a laboratory - it is also evident in the workplace.

We offer multi-disciplinary roles and design personalized career paths based on our employees' individual skills and talents to build a tight-knit, hardworking team that cares for each other's success.


We create, and we adapt.


ALTIVIA is home to strategic thinkers and doers committed to operational excellence and optimized safety practices.

We are constantly looking to improve and create new systems to bridge gaps most businesses commonly face. Staying connected allows us to anticipate and respond to market disruptions efficiently.

“We’re not going to let best get in the way of better.” – Tim Albert, Vice President - Manufacturing 


We collaborate.


Together, our team is a proactive problem-solving machine.

Every employee has an impact on our daily performance, so sharing ideas is not only encouraged, but expected from every level of our business.

ALTIVIA’s success is a direct result of everyone's contribution and collaboration.

“If you’ve got an idea, bring it.” – Thad Lowrey, IT Director


We produce.


Our key focus is to remain a reliable supplier of high-quality product for our customers.

ALTIVIA’s talented operators and engineers are specialized in the safety and quality control of our processes, product lines, and supply management.

By working in tandem with our customer service and logistics groups, our plant teams ensure that we deliver products reliably and consistently to our customers.

“If our customers are happy, we’re happy.” – Charlie Martin, Logistics Operator - Petrochemicals


Apply to join ALTIVIA

Open positions are listed on the Current Opportunities page.

If you don't find what you're looking for on there, apply anyway! There could be a fitting position in the pipeline that has not posted yet.

We are always looking to strengthen our team.