ALTIVIA operates six distinct business units specialized within specific chemistries, applications, and services.

ALTIVIA Petrochemicals, LLC (Haverhill, OH)

Products: Phenol, Acetone, Methyl-Styrene (AMS)

ALTIVIA's Petrochemical complex is located on the banks of the Ohio River, allows for the handling of raw materials and finished products via barge, rail and truck; and is the third largest merchant supplier of Phenol in North America behind Shell in Deer Park, Texas and Ineos in Theodore, Alabama.

ALTIVIA Specialty Chemicals, LLC (LaPorte, TX)

Products: Acid Chlorides and Chloroformate intermediates

Our LaPorte Chemical Complex is the largest merchant producer of specialty and custom Phosgene derivatives in North America. Roughly 35% of its production ships globally to established supply lines to better manage safety considerations associated with these products. Key raw materials are received via pipelines and railcars, while finished products are shipped in railcars, tank trucks and bulk Isotanks.

ALTIVIA Chemicals, LLC – (Pasadena, TX)

Products: Ferric and Ferrous Sulfate Solutions

As part of ALTIVIA's legacy water treatment chemicals production, this business continues to support municipal and industrial water plants with treatment chemicals and application technologies. ALTIVIA’s Houston Chemical Plant produces liquid Ferric and Ferrous Sulfate with primary applications in potable, waste, and industrial water treatment.

ALTIVIA Ketones & Additives, LLC – (Institute, WV)

Products: Ketones and Carbinols

ALTIVIA's Institute, West Virginia site produces acetone derivatives such as ketones and carbinols for global distribution and industrial use in the solvents, paints & coatings, and agricultural chemicals industries. This facility is strategically located in the heart of West Virginia's historic Chemical Valley, with direct rail access and connection through the Kanawha River to all major inland waterways in the United States. 

ALTIVIA Oxide Chemicals, LLC – (Crosby, TX)

Products & Services: Custom Chemical Production and Toll Manufacturing & Services

The ALTIVIA Oxide Chemicals complex is strategically located in Crosby, TX and provides custom chemical production and toll manufacturing services. Situated on 160+ acres, this large-scale facility specializes in batch production supporting Alkoxylation, Maleation, Esterification, and many more. With the capability to handle over 40 trucks per day and a capacity of 275+ rail cars at the dual-sourced rail site, our Crosby location provides the optimal logistics infrastructure to serve the Gulf Coast region.

ALTIVIA Transport, LLC – (LaPorte, TX & Haverhill, OH)

Service: Bulk Transportation of ALTIVIA Products in Texas and Ohio regions

As part of ALTIVIA's commitment to customer service, this business supports the ALTIVIA facilities local to the Texas and Ohio areas to provide safe and timely bulk deliveries to our customers.