Acid Chlorides

The versatility of phosgene derivatives extends beyond pharma and polymers.

ALTIVIA technology involves the manufacture of chemicals via phosgenation to produce adducts of alcohols, carboxylic acids, and amines as well as custom phosgenations.

Phosgene-derived chloroformates and acid chlorides are, by their nature, reactive chemical species and are employed as key building blocks in many diverse downstream applications. These intermediates are used in the manufacture of organic peroxide initiators for use in plastics and in activating groups used to make antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals.

Product Details

ProductCASTechnical Data SheetApplications
2-Ethylhexanoyl Chloride (2EHCL) 760-67-8 icon pdf
  • Chemical reagents
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Organic synthesis
  • Organic peroxides
  • Agrochemical production
  • Plastics and pigments
Chloroacetyl Chloride (CAC) 79-04-9 icon pdf
iso-Butyroyl Chloride(IBCL) 79-30-1 icon pdf
Iso-nonanoyl Chloride (INCL) 36727-29-4 icon pdf
Lauroyl Chloride [C12] (LACL) 112-16-3 icon pdf
N-Valeroyl Chloride (VCL) 638-29-9 icon pdf
neo-Decanoyl Chloride (NDCL) 40292-82-8 icon pdf
Octanoyl Chloride (OTCL) 111-64-8 icon pdf
Pivaloyl Chloride (PVCL) 3282-30-2 icon pdf