ALTIVIA Expands Capacity for Specialty Chemicals

(Houston)--ALTIVIA announced the completion of a new multipurpose production unit at its Phosgene Derivatives Unit at La Porte, Texas. This new facility will result in a 30% increase in capacity for the production of acid chlorides and chloroformates.

The new reactor system and its multipurpose design will further expand ALTIVIA’s continuous phosgenation capabilities and improve production flexibility to meet growing and changing customer demands. 

Subsequent to ALTIVIA’s acquisition of the LaPorte facility in 2015, the current expansion is ALTIVIA’s second significant investment, following the addition of Chloroacetyl Chloride (CAC) production capabilities.  CAC is a key intermediate utilized for the production of pharmaceuticals and agricultural chemicals.

ALTIVIA Appoints Andrew LeBlanc as Vice President ...
ALTIVIA Appoints Russ Herman as Commercial Manager

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